Things to do and see

There are many things to do as a tourist in Yemen, especially embracing much of the culture. Many women decorate their skin on special occasions with henna tattoos. These are seen across the body though very commonly on the hands and palms. Many tourists choose to have these tattoos drawn on as well.

Various crafts are made by the Yemenis all over the country and it is a great way to purchase souvenirs. Make sure to ask for the “Yemeni price” on jewelry, leather crafts, belts and much more. Because of the difference in prices, tourists are able to get a number of good deals on merchandise. Negotiating with locals and even children is common practice and the prices will be very low.

There are a lot of different places to see within Yemen. There are the deserts, which are available to see by private tour. The rocky coastlines are beautiful. The sandy beaches are very close to paradise and the Western highlands offer a number of different things to see. It is possible to hire a private driver to see the mountains and explore some of the various regions throughout Yemen

The island of Socatra is one of the best places to visit to be able to see some of the fauna that the country has to offer. Perhaps the most famous thing to see on the island is the dragon’s blood tree. It is a member of the lily family, however there are very thick branches that give it a very mushroom-like appearance. It is given the name dragon’s blood because when the bark of the tree is cut, a red syrup will ooze from it.

There are many beautiful cities to visit within Yemen. Manakhah is an old town that includes a lot of scenery and is a way to see what medieval Yemen was like. Ma’rib is where the capital of the Sabaean Kingdom was located and artifacts and temples from the Queen of Sheba can still be seen there. There is also Ibb, which are the greenest parts of Yemen. There are waterfalls in the valley and it has one of the best climates throughout the country.

The climate in Yemen will vary based upon the region as well as the elevation. Around the Arabian Peninsula, the weather is usually the best because of the mountain ridges and the sea winds. They usually experience warm summers with some rain and cooler winters. Because of this weather, it has also been given the nickname: The Green Land of Arabia. Visiting Tihama and the southern coast will be hot all year long and there is very little rainfall. It is not uncommon to see temperatures of 120 F in the summer months.