Traveling Yemen

The easiest ways to enter into Yemen is via plane. There are flights into Sanaa, the country’s capital as well as Aden on a daily basis. It is required to get an advance visa before entering the country and the visa will usually be valid for 30 days. There used to be a way to get visas upon arrival, however these are no longer available.

A travel permit will also be required for travel outside of the capital city. Destinations and amount of time spent in the destinations will be required in order to get the permit.

There are no trains in Yemen and aside from the two main airports and there is no air travel throughout the country either. The roads in the main cities are abundant and new, however if one is planning to travel throughout the rest of the country, it can be very difficult.

There are buses that will travel throughout the country from time to time. It is best to check with an embassy office to determine the best modes of travel or find a reputable travel agency within Yemen to assist.

Driving a car around Yemen may be possible, however crossing into Oman or Saudi Arabia are near impossible because of the regulations. It is thus best to travel by air to get into the country and then use taxis or buses to get around within the city that one is staying in.

There are some areas of Yemen where travel by camel is still popular. Many tourists will take tours on camels as part of the experience of traveling to Yemen, so it is very common to see posts to be able to rent a camel for a few hours or a few days.

When taking a taxi in Yemen, they are what’s considered a shared taxi. One car will go to a particular destination and they will not leave until all seats are full to ensure that they can maximize their profits (remember, Yemen is a poor country). The most common car for taxis is a Peugeot, so there are two seats in the front, four in the middle and three in the back. Should you want to travel in more comfort, you will need to pay for additional seats within the shared taxi. For example, if the taxi holds nine and you are a party of four, you would need to pay for all nine seats before the driver will take you to your required destination.

Once within the main cities, it is very common to see people walking around. The roads will be good, but because cars are expensive and taxis are often difficult, the easiest mode of transportation within the cities is by foot. It may be possible to rent bicycles or mopeds in some of the cities as well.